Social Networks – The Internet Key

I´m going to talk about how Social Networks have revolutionized the way we use the internet today.

We are probably talking about a revolution inside a revolution.

The Internet, used by people on mass, was born twenty years ago, more or less. At first it was a new communication media, like newspapers, tv and radio. People used to surf The Net to find information that was hosted on websites. We were in a WebSites Era.

At that time, people either typed in a website directly or used a search engine like google or yahoo to get the information they wanted. Then we are talking about search engines controlled the information.

Websites only showed information, without feedback.

Web 1.0

And twenty years later Social Networks turned up in our lifes.

Why? Is it only a fashion?

Probably no, because the main feature of the human race is communication. If we agree that in the WebSite era, the Google Robot controlled information, in the Social Networks Era “People” have this power.


At first, a website only had one way communication. Senders published information as a simple communication media, without feedback from users. We used websites only to inform us: One Way.

But nowadays, in any social Network like Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, etc… the sender sends information, but people can answer online: Two Ways.

The modern and revamped websites, blogs, work in the same way of a social network:  two ways, people can answer, and this empowers people.

This new system, technically is called 2.0 (Two ways)

And What about companies, what are they doing with this new technology?

I remember, in the Websites Era, companies looked for Brand Awareness, “they wanted to be known”; but nowadays, in The Social Network Era, they are looking not only for Brand Awareness, but also for reputation, social reputation. They need a good social reputation to demonstrate their competence, as well as to draw attention to everybody.

But, how?

Designing a social strategy is fundamental  because if you are in a social network, you have to behave as people behave in Social Networks.

You want people to talk favourably about your company, because Social Networks are a great Speaker…

But look out, because in Social Networks lies are heavily penalize.

In conclusion. Social Networks are not a fashion. They are here to stay.

They are a virtual mirror of the real life. People need communicate, and It is bravier to talk behind a mouse or a pad, than in the real world.

And what about the future?

Probably “The Web 3.0, Artifitial Intelligence”.